Cambridge Chemistry Race
Chemistry competition for teams of sixth-form students

COVID-19 statement

Cambridge Chemistry Race 2022 will be held in person if the government restrictions at the time of the competition are favourable.

Competition details

What is Cambridge Chemistry Race?
Cambridge Chemistry Race is a new chemistry competition for teams of 3-5 sixth-form students organised by the Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge. The teams race against each other in solving chemistry problems; who gets the most points within the time limit, wins.
Where and when?

The third Cambridge Chemistry Race will be held on Saturday 19th February 2022 at the Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge.

How to sign up

Registration details for Chemistry Race 2022 will be published here in due course.

If you would like to stay informed about the competition, please sign up to our mailing list here.


What do we need to bring?

Apart from writing utensils, you should definitely not forget your favourite calculator (ideally one for each member of your team). Some questions may require you to read data of graphs. Therefore, we also recommend bringing rulers. In addition, you are allowed to bring any paper literature, notes or handouts that you think could be useful. No electronic devices, apart from dedicated calculators (not calculators on mobile phones, tablets or computers) are allowed.

How to get here

Cambridge is easily accessible by both trains and coaches. The Department of Chemistry is within a walking distance of the Cambridge City Centre bus station and the Cambridge railway station (CBG).


Participation in the competition is free. Travel costs are not reimbursed.

Rules and example questions

You can find the rules of the competition here, and past questions can be found in the Documents section.


On Saturday 15 Feb 2020, the Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge will be hosting a new chemistry competition called the Cambridge Chemistry Race. Teams of 3-5 sixth-form students will compete in solving chemistry-related problems in real time. The goal of each team is to answer as many questions as they can within the two-hour […]